What We Are!

Legis Inn, Attorneys, Corporate and Management Counsellors is Pakistan based Full Service Law Firm in tune with the Business World. We provide International accustomed legal services across Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East. The Firm is dedicated to offer Prompt, Commercially Focused, Solution Oriented and Cost Effective legal services to extensive range of Clients. We are undertaking the most important and challenging assignments for the Public Sector Institutions, Financial Institutions, Industrial, Commercial, Small and Medium enterprises, National and Multinational Corporations, International Institutions as well as selective individuals.

The firm provides legal services including consultancy and management services for corporate and other clients. Legis Inn is focused in areas of Corporate Laws, Commercial Laws, Immigration Laws, Banking Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Franchising Laws, Taxation Laws, Labour Laws, Drug Laws, Real Estate Laws, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Constitutional Laws, Environmental Laws, Human Right Laws, Shipping Laws, Law of Damages, Energy Laws, Custom Laws and Civil & Criminal Litigation.

The Firm has a team of high caliber lawyers ably serves local clients as well as clients from across the border. Each member of our team is fully committed to provide accurate, thorough and cost effective advice. We are capable of handling independent projects with our team of lawyers, bankers, chartered accountants, cost and management accountants, pharmaceutical consultants, business graduates, tax consultants, HR Consultants, Procurement specialists and real estate experts. The current client base of the Firm includes, amongst others, multinationals, financial institutions, small and medium enterprises, private business houses, pharmaceutical companies, real estate business, non-profit organizations and IT firms.

Legis Inn offers an easy, affordable and cost-effective professional fees structure to clients. Our fees are negotiated to the satisfaction of our clients and according to their ability. The Firm offers value for money. Our billing and fee method is flexible and we are not bedded to the hourly rate. Consolidated transaction fee, fixed retainer or the hourly rate, are all offered depending upon suitability and client preference.

Legis Inn believes that client’s satisfaction is our foremost task. To enhance our efficiency and quick response towards clients the firm has well stocked library and automated office. In addition to fax, email is extensively used for communication and correspondence. All lawyers of the Firm have individual computers and laptops for drafting, composition, research, data management and retrieval. Additionally, the Firm has in-house laser-printing, photocopying, scanning and document binding facilities.

Legis Inn will hold strictly confidential all conversations and other communications with its clients. We will not reveal your confidences or secrets without your consent. We will pursue your work conscientiously and without delay. In turn, we will need your full and timely cooperation to help and represent you. We welcome your suggestions and requests for information. We will communicate with you, keep you informed and up-to-date as to the status of your matter and any significant developments relating to your case.

Lawyers at Legis Inn will be always available to meet with you at your request to discuss our services and fees. If you are dissatisfied with our services, or if you feel we have failed to meet any of these commitments, we ask you to call the lawyer involved in your work or the concerned Partner to discuss the matter. We will try very hard to honestly and fairly address your concerns.

We will treat you with courtesy, regard and respect.

We will provide you with independent professional judgment, expert opinions and undivided loyalty, uncompromised by conflicts of interest.

We always focus to do our best to protect you from litigation and shall not push you towards or keep you in litigation unnecessarily or without your wishes. If litigation becomes necessary or inevitable, we shall ensure that all other non-contentious and expeditious remedies have been exhausted.

We will ensure that the lawyer assigned to you is capable of handling your legal matter competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession. If you are not satisfied with how your matter is being handled, you have the right to withdraw from the attorney-client relationship at any time.

We are always very much flexible in charging fees. We will charge you reasonable fees and expenses at actual and will explain at the outset how the fee will be computed and the manner and frequency of billing. We will delegate work efficiently in order to control costs. We will provide timely statements that accurately and completely show what work we have performed and the cost of that work. You are entitled to request and receive a written itemized bill from us at reasonable intervals. You may refuse to enter into any fee arrangement that you find unsatisfactory. In the event of a fee dispute, you may have the right to seek arbitration; we will provide you with the necessary information regarding arbitration in the event of a fee dispute, or upon your request.

We will not refuse representation on the basis of caste, race, creed, colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, national origin or disability.